cognate (plural cognates)

  1. A word derived from the same roots as a given word.
    English ward is a cognate of guard, and of French garder.
    English ward, English guard, and French garder are all cognates.

7 letters in word "cognate": A C E G N O T.

Anagrams of cognate:

Words found within cognate:

ace acne act acton ae aeon ag age agen agent ago agon agone an ance ane ant ante at ate atoc atone cage cagot can cane cang canoe cant canto cat cate cent cento coat coate cog cogent con cone conga conge conte cot cotan cote ea ean eat eco ego en enact eng eoan eon et eta etna gae gaen gan gane gant gat gate gean geat gen gena genoa gent geo get geta gnat go goa goat goe gon gone got na nae nag nat ne neat neg net no nog not nota note oat oaten oca ocean octa octan octane oe on once one ta tace taco tae tag tan tane tang tango tao te tea teg ten tenga to toc toe toea tog toga togae toge ton tone tong tonga